What is KTT?

Welcome!I’m Sarah Lindsey Cooke, a lover and writer of comic books. I’ve been a writer my entire life, probably starting with the short story I wrote in first grade about a group of killer tater tots rising up to take over my school. My teacher, to her credit, enjoyed the story so much that she sent a note home to my parents expressing her certainty that I would indeed become a professional writer one day and requesting a signed copy of my first book (no pressure!).

But it certainly hasn’t always been an easy road! I’ve faced a lot of self-doubt and anxiety, and I’ve held myself back time after time. Now, I feel like I’m finally getting to a place where I’m more confident, but this is a process that’s ongoing. I know a lot of creators have similar experiences. Making these things that we put our hearts and souls into is deeply personal, and often closely tied to our some of our toughest challenges. And my goal with Killer Tater Tots is to make it a place where I can share my stories and insights about this stuff, and connect with you about yours. I want it to be a supportive place where we can come together and recognize that we’re going through a lot of similar experiences.

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Sarah Cooke

Sarah Cooke is a comic book writer and pop culture blogger. She has written for Marvel, DC Comics, Fembot Magazine, Women at Warp, and more. She is currently writing a noir urban fantasy comic book series called No Spell Lasts Forever.